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Status Update

You’ve likely noticed that the sundering schedule has partially happened, but that some key elements—and especially the full launch of the new site and continue new content—have yet to fall into place. Here’s what’s up:

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The Schedule of The Great Sundering

As mentioned in a previous post, this website will be undergoing a major split. This split (dubbed”The Great Sundering” by one member of the CWC) will be starting shortly. Given that I’m a busy human being with all sorts of stuff on my plate at this exact moment, I will be doing this move incrementally. Here’s a basic rundown of what will happen and, approximately, when.

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Wounded Soldiers

Wounded Soldiers

Image courtesy of Marlon Bundy MMX

Wounded Soldiers


When we woke, the room glittered with wounded soldiers,
the sun imprisoned in prismatic bottles,
pale sweat shimmering on your skin.
Intoxication perfumed the air:
sharp sour hops, burn of liquor,
cherry fumes of your hair.

We chose those bottles for their foreign names,
wild tastes, and the fantasies on the front labels.
The silver-glint horn of a unicorn gazed down from my bookshelf,
hobgoblins collapsed on the carpet, fairies dancing on my desktop,
bumbleebee on my bed-stand, black widow on my windowsill.

Do you trust me?

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Writerly Humor: Editors are sort of …

This one goes out to my wonderful editor, Heather.

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Rob’s Epic Quest: Ep. 4 – Choosing a Habit

As this blog moves more into personal projects, I feel more comfortable sharing content like this here. (writing-specific content is being siphoned off into the CWC website, which is coming soon.)

I’ve decided I want to give vlogging a go. I’d love some feedback. Since I won’t be sharing most of my videos on my blog, I encourage you to subscribe to my channel if this sort of content interests you.


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Writerly Humor: The Mood for Creative Inspiration

This week’s writerly humor is from Calvin and Hobbes. Click on the image for a larger version.

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The Destiny of the Blog

A few months ago, I combined all of my blogging properties into this one blog. Strength in unity, I thought. But recently it’s become clear that this blog is targeting a specific audience for a specific task: My content is meant for writers who want to learn more about writing as a craft.

Awesome. But where do I put entries that are about my written work, personal life, or travels? Why is this blog about writing even on a website that’s connected to my name?

It’s hard to admit that this union was a mistake, but yeah, a divorce is necessary. Here’s how we’re handling custody: This blog will be split into three territories. (Tempted to make a Lear reference here, but nothing’s coming to me. Anyway….)

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