About Me

Rob D Young - writerMy writing career began when I was three years old: My father taught me the “To Be or Not to Be” soliloquy from Hamlet, sparking a fascination with the written word that continues to blaze today.

Much of my adolescence was spent learning how to write effectively, including through authoring my first two (very amateur) novels. I’ve since continued that work, writing dozens of short stories, several novelettes and novellas, and a number of poems. You can find samples of those works on this site.

I’ve also been privileged to write for a living. While my freelance work since 2005 has covered almost every topic known to man, my primary work these days is focused on writing about the writing craft—as exemplified by my creative writing blog.

My work has been published in Irreantum, Enormous Rooms, Touchstones, Warp and Weave, V Magazine, and several independent online publications. I also self-publish select works on the Amazon marketplace; you can find those titles at this website’s store.

Like many authors, I write because I must. It’s one of the only times I feel truly sane. It liberates me, allowing me to step beyond my fragile life and self to a story that always has been and always will be more important than I am. “Passion” is too light a word. Writing is what I live for.