For my studies in poetry class, I was given the task of writing a poem in tribute to, or about, a musician. I chose our beloved Amanda Palmer. To my young and/or religious family members, beware: there’s severe four-letter words.


The music is what you get when you mix a thunderstorm
with tear stains that show oilslick rainbows
with a starlit night high on social-suicide intoxication.
The sound runs on an a frequency pumping like fists in the air,
the wild euphemism of unified voices, of collectivity.

in the momentum, the chords that twist like deep tissue mindwarps, the clatter of chains
pulling you into the music.
The way she says
like it’s a 120 proof sacramental wine.

It’s an experience that surpasses the point of it all,
that needs no ampersand,
that’s like touching – like very real, pulmonary to pulmonary touching,
the coitus of throbbing hearts.

And she’s the kind of girl who leaves out stardust on the bedroom dresser,
the kind who makes the sirens, jealous, cast themselves against the rocks.
And she’s the kind of girl who starts rebellions for mass self-acceptance,
the kind who will make society’s fabric into origami just to shake the stage.

The sound runs on the pulse of the audience, the collected rejects of the cabaret,
the anachronistic minds and idiosyncratic souls who find their company here.
The music is what you get when you mix a heart attack
with auditory opiate hallucinations that resonate with both memory and dream
with broken boundaries and minds, each crying gratitude for freedom.
All of it, every syllable and shudder,

Amanda Palmer is currently doing a lot of solo work, but hit the big stage with the Dresden Dolls – starting the punk cabaret genre and bringing together people from around the world. She’s a genius in every sense of the word. If you haven’t listened to her work yet, do. Now.

She isn’t for everyone. She shakes boundaries, doesn’t mind some shock value, and experiments without restraint. For those and many other reasons, Amanda Palmer is one of my most favoritest heroes. You can find her blog here.