Creative Nonfiction

A few words on creative nonfiction: There is a certain arrogance in writing about one’s self, but it’s an honest arrogance; in the most fundamental sense, creative nonfiction is “writing what we know.” I am lucky to have lived an interesting life, and I hope to capture some of my lessons, pains, fears, and insights in the creative nonfiction I write.

Creative nonfiction awards and publications: Arachnophilia was published in the Spring 2012 edition of Touchstones.

Creative Nonfiction Samples from Rob D Young

Arachnophilia: A creative nonfiction essay with a moderately lyric tone. The work muses on the beauty and terror of spiders, and the connection between fear and fascination.

At the Center: A personal essay about attempting to be honest about one’s beliefs, including unresolved and sometimes contradictory feelings about the faith of one’s childhood. This essay also attempts to examine the pressure to accept the same beliefs as one’s community, friends, and family.

Gravity: This creative nonfiction essay walks through a major injury sustained by my grandpa, Robert Wallace Blair. Written in the present tense, this story attempts to capture the emotional weight of the events; it was first written at the time of the events themselves.

The Breakwater: A lyric essay that discusses the Long Beach breakwater as a metaphor for personal difficulties, and touches on the complexity of painful emotions that often become a source of strength and life.

Three Hours to Valentine’s: A creative nonfiction essay written in an experimental 2nd person point of view. The work examines the complex emotions of ending a relationship.

If you have any questions or feedback, or if you want to see additional samples of my work, feel free to contact me.