The Creative Writing Collective


Started in December of 2012 and with over 200 members as of February 2013, the Creative Writing Collective (CWC) is a rapidly growing online community of creative writers from around the world.

What’s the point of the Collective?

We want to help make your words better. The “how” of achieving that goal includes writing lessons, tips and tricks, punctuation guides, theory discussion, writerly humor, and much more.

While the Collective is currently centered around its founder’s website, the eventual plan is to expand the Collective into its own online space. The long-term mission of CWC is to provide a university-level creative writing education for no charge, create a positive and productive online workshopping environment, and help establish a stronger global community of writers.

Why the hell should you care?

Members of the Collective:

  • Receive a weekly newsletter packed¬†with writerly resources.
  • Get access to exclusive extras, such as the upcoming exercise collection titled “Write Away – Vol 1: Building a Character.”
  • Automatically be entered to win freebies, such as free books, gear, or sexy hardware.

The Collective is a long-term community that will eventually take on a larger and more rounded shape. By joining now, you can help determine what that shape will be.

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