Daily Bread: 10/17

This is my daily bread for 10/17.

☑My Morning Walk

It was brief, but I did get a walk.

☐My Morning Meditation

No, but I’m ready to get back into this and yoga.

☐My Morning Yoga

☐My Daily Song

☐My Daily Home-Cooked Meal

☑My Daily Creative Writing

I did a lot of work on Broken Glass. I also did several entries for this blog, all creatively tilted.

☑My Daily Gratitudes

Today I am grateful for:

  1. That Hazel, a girl here at the hostel, started conversations with me and offered me food. She was sweet.
  2. Stumbling across a collection of my creative work from 2007 and earlier when looking for an older iteration of Broken Glass. It’s all quite fascinating.
  3. That I was able to find a quick resolution on some WordPress issues I was having. I’m astounded by how easy it is for group-think to play out. If I had to figure this stuff out myself, I would … well, I’d break everything.

☑My Daily Connection: Itamar

I met Itamar in Ireland. He has since been a wonderful friend whose evaluation of my creative work has been phenomenally helpful.

My Pedometer:1,260,000 steps total

3k steps today.