Five Sentence Story: Flawed

The following story comes from a prompt by Lillie McFerrin. The basic concept is simple: You are given a one-word prompt and then write a five-sentence story based on that prompt. Lillie’s site offers new prompts regularly, and writers post links to their stories in the comments on her blog.

Cool stuff, Lillie. I’m a fan. Now, on to the story!

Freshly tilled graves.

Image courtesy of FreedomHouse2


Fifteen years ago, my father brought me to the fields for the first time. “When your fingers dig into the dirt and mulch, tilling the land and making a home for these tiny seeds, you feel connected,” he said, his low, rich voice graveling over the words.

The papers for signing over the deed are crisp white, made by the same sort of flawless machines that complete a farmer’s chores in a tenth the time. As I sign, I can almost feel my father’s dirt-stained hand gripping my shoulder.

The only thing I can think of is that the earth over a freshly dug grave looks, really, just like seed dirt.