Metaphor Lesson Series

Metaphors Be With You

This hub page will direct you to the lessons, exercises, and games in my metaphor lesson series. For more detailed descriptions of the exercises below, check out the metaphor exercise page.

Lesson 1: The Basics of Metaphors

Explaining the basic definition of metaphors, the typical structures of metaphoric language, and shows off some famous metaphors.

Exercise 1: Metaphor Madlibs

This exercise is designed to help writers people recognize and understand metaphors.

Lesson 2: Metaphors Will Blow Your Readers’ Minds. Literally.

This lesson explains, in detail, the difference between literal and figurative language.

Exercise 2: The Literally Game

Helping people understand the difference between literal and figurative language.

Lesson 3: Simile, Euphemism, and Hyperbole

This lesson is coming soon. Learn about other types of figurative language, including close cousins to metaphor that are often mistaken for metaphors.

Exercise 3: A Little S&M

This metaphor exercise is coming soon. It helps writers differentiate metaphors from other types of language (including simile, hyberbole, literal descriptions, and euphemisms). With a little bit of kink mixed in.

Lesson 4: Using Extended and Subverted Metaphors

This lesson is coming soon. It explores the use of more expansive metaphor types, including extended metaphors and twists on traditional metaphors.

Exercise 4: Extend My Metaphor

This metaphor game helps writers understand and experiment with extended metaphors.

Lesson 5: Abusing Your Metaphors

Be sure to also check out my LitReactor column on this topic: 6 Ways You’re Molesting Your Metaphors.

Coming soon. This article explores the ways people most brutally abuse their metaphors.

Exercise 5: That’s Mixed Up

Coming soon. This game shows how terrible mixed metaphors are.

Lesson 6: The Versatile Power of Metaphors

Coming soon. Showing how metaphors can express a person or object’s traits while simultaneously imbuing negative or positive associations.

Exercise 6: Metaphoring Amok

Coming soon. This exercise helps people see how many ways metaphors can be used to communicate a single idea. It also helps people recognize cliche metaphors.

Lesson 7: Why Use Metaphors?

Coming soon. An in-depth look at why metpahors can be powerful and when they should be used.

Exercise 7: Metaphors Exploring the Spectrum

Showing people how metaphors of different types can trigger different emotions.

Exercise 8: Tarot’s Metaphoric Magic

Helping people see how we can make broad connections with metaphors.

Lesson 7: Using Your Metaphoric Talents

Coming soon. This lesson takes all the previous ones and puts them into actionable format, showing how metaphors can be used

Exercise 9: Assimilating Similes

Coming soon. This exercise helps people recognize how metaphors provide stronger comparisons than similes.

Lesson 8: Some Final Thoughts on Metaphors

Coming soon. Concluding thoughts about how awesome metaphors are and why they must be treated with care.