A few words on poetry: While fiction and nonfiction attempt to narrow language, poetry brazenly blows it up—extracting value from the very elements of language that so often inhibit expression in other forms. Over time, studying poetry creates a linguistic palette that allows the listener to hear the music of words. My poetry is an attempt to both appreciate that music and use the melodic elements to empower language and express challenging ideas.

Poetry awards and publications: I’ve published eight poems in literary journals or magazines (one poem in Enormous Rooms, two poems in V Magazine, two poems in the Touchstones – Fall 2011 edition, one poem in the Touchstones – Spring 2012 edition, and two poems in the Spring 2012 edition of Warp & Weave). My poem “Deliver,” along with the partner poem from Heather Duncan, won Warp & Weave’s first place prize for fiction and poetry submissions.

Poetry Samples from Rob D Young

a Near Forgotten ShoulderThis poem attempts to explore sensations of love and loss through the romantic exploration of an ex-lover’s shoulder.

Cobwebs Over Columbine: This poem explores the many contradictory, and often painful, elements of poetry.

Deliver: Deliver is an award-winning poem from Rob D Young. It re-tells the story of Hades and Persephone as a romance by using the structure of a love letter.

Life of a Poet: This performance poem discusses the poetic struggle for honest expression.

Sanctuary in Gray: Sanctuary in Gray is a poem inspired by St Mary’s Cathedral in Killarney. It discusses the poet’s feelings by using the images provided by that church.

If you have any questions or feedback, or if you want to see additional samples of my work, feel free to contact me.