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Hiatus on Select Post Types

I’ll say it again: I’m not a traveler who writes. I’m a writer who travels.

I’m also going to stop traveling for a while come November 19th. How long is uncertain.

I may well turn some experiences into creative nonfiction pieces. I may turn this entire trip into a longer creative nonfiction piece. But my target audience is not travelers (I’m not a guru). It’s my fellow writers and the fans of my writing. So my travel posts will be on hiatus for a while.

I’ve also decided that the content of the “daily bread,” while useful for me, is not all that useful for you guys. So I’m keeping that to my personal Facebook profile—at least for the time being.

Many of these posts may be flung into the “ancient archives,” where I’m putting all the posts that really aren’t relevant to my target audience. But that’s not a short-term project; I’ll do it when I’ve freed up more of my time.

I’m doing this because 1) I’ve recognized what my real passions are, 2) I’m working on finishing up a book for publication on the Kindle marketplace, and 3) I’m currently so focused on writing that my being in Scotland seems incidental (I’m spending very little time exploring and quite a lot of time working).

I may go back into the travel writing, but for now, consider this website to be a serious case of writer’s blog.

The Walter Scott Monument and Writing as Cultural Preservation

In describing Sir Walter Scott, Lord Cockburn’s Journal stated,  ”Scotland never owed so much to one man.” In part, Cockburn was referring to the work Scott did in preserving Scotland’s cultural heritage. Scott’s work was often concerned with Scottish heritage and mythology (both ancient and more modern), and it partially because of him that Scotland has retained its sense of identity.

For his contributions, Scott received a monument that was described by Charles Dickens as a “complete failure” because it looks like a Gothic steeple planted in the ground without a surrounding building.

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Visual Voyage Update: Week 14

I’m going to go for another lazy image dump. The images below are from Glasgow and from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I’ll probably come back and give some further details later on.

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Visual Voyage Update: Week 7, Part 1

Wow, you’ve gotten through the first six  weeks of my journey! That feat took me about … about six weeks. Y’know?

Anyway, here’s my week seven, coming at you.

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Visual Voyage Update: Week 6, Part 4

So, wrapping up the week, we have June 30th and July 1st.

June 30th: I explored lots of art. The Louvre, Musee Rodin, the Pompidou, and a few others.

Warning! Incoming pics!

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Visual Voyage Update: Week 6, Part 3

Continuing on with Paris.

July 28th: More Parisian Explorations

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Visual Voyage Update: Week 6, Part 2

June 27: Day One in Paris

I’m going to go for the lazy man’s route and just slap all my Paris pictures here, leaving notes only when I feel there’s something really vital to say. Some of the images will be after the break, so keep that in mind.

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