White Silk: Excerpt 2

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V.S.T., 7th Part, verses 9 to 14

9. And verily, thereafter, in the days of woe, when nary a tear was spared amongste all the armies of Gillean and Ventius, the lands of waste began to cloud and thunder. And there the heavens did join in with the holy tears of its most holy knights, and for an hundred hours the rain beat against the earth unceasingly.

10. So did EZERIAN cleanse the wounds of many and sanctify the dead, for all to see that he had ordained these legions of Sacredness and Might. And there amongst the stones, some cracked and unraveled by thunder, and when the rain did cease, the bodies of men and soldiers and knights were laid up to rest.

11. And beneathe the split lands, the righteous men were buried in remembrance, and on the flat stone above the wicked men were burned to ash, there to be blotted by ash from the memories of all true men.

12. And behold, Ventius and five hands in men, did lay up a whole mountain of stone in the gray, beneathe which Calluran, the Third, of noble descent and valiant heart, was given a tomb sanctified by the earth and SUN.

13. Placing the stones thereon, and sealing up the earth, Ventius did climb the mound, and therein did he thrust the Blade of Calluran, to watch over the land and guard it with his spirit forevermore.

14. May the day shine forever on us, and may our shadows ever disperse, these things we ask in blessing of the most Pure and Radiant, the Mighty and Righteous, the Moste Eternal EZERIAN, in humility. Light bless us all.

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