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Words, Words, Words

[This poem is being posted by popular request. Note that it's a performance piece: If you're reading it quietly to yourself right now, you're doing it wrong.]

Words, Words, Words

Words, words, words.
I want to devote my life to the study of etymology:
find what madness melds Lunesta to lunacy,
trace the connection between sacred and forsaken,
between force and metaphors,
and find what binds “phallus” to “fallacy.”

I want to trace the ley lines of language,
find what verbs got laid by which nouns,
and go further back, until everything was Good.
And the Good lost an O, and became God.
And in the beginning, God was the word.

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Broken Glass Giveaway

This weekend my book, Broken Glass, is available for free on Amazon.

Broken Glass

I would love to have you “buy” a copy. It actually helps me in a few ways. First, the more people who “buy” it, the more likely it is the book will get to the “best in free” category—which increases exposure dramatically. Second, your purchase makes it more likely that the book will show up in the “people who bought this also purchased” toolbar on Amazon. Third, the more feedback I get about the book the more I can learn from the experience. You can buy the book through the link below. And there’s a fourth way it helps which I’ll get into momentarily.

Now I want to speak bluntly about the book.

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