I’ve published a decent novel. Should I be proud?

Can I confess something?

Broken Glassthis story I’ve unleashed on the world, published on Amazon—is not great. It’s not bad. It’s good enough.

Ayn Rand would be furious. (Perhaps that’s why I did it.)

I finished the first draft of Broken Glass shortly after turning 19. In a time of heartbreak and struggle, the book was my escape. It was typed during graveyard shifts and backstage at a community theater. It was a work, not of genius, but of desperation.


Broken Glass Launch Week

Broken Glass

Broken Glass has been sent to a couple dozen reviewers, feedback (both enthusiastic and critical) has started to trickle in. Now the book is in the launch phase, with the official launch party taking place on December 1st.

You can buy your copy for Kindle at my store page.

Cheers, and write on,

Rob D Young

Broken Glass: Pre-Release

On November 6th, Broken Glass was published to the Kindle marketplace. I’ve been quiet about it, because the publication is not, for me, the same as a launch. The book is ready for the eyes of the public, but self-publishing lacks the opportunity for reviews that traditional publishing has. From now through November 21st, the book will be considered “pre-release.”

You can buy a copy if you’re so inclined, but you can also get a free copy by joining the Reviewers’ Army. I’ll start the conditions in a moment, but first, let me show you a bit of the book.


Please, Judge This Book By Its Cover (Take 2)

I recently shared an earlier version of my book cover for Broken Glass. Here’s take two. (Okay, take 25, technically.)

Broken Glass cover (v. 25)

Please do leave your thoughts in the comments, below.

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Please, Judge This Book By Its Cover

I’m looking for opinions on the cover for Broken Glass, the novel I’ll be self-publishing for Kindle in the coming weeks. (I promise, more posts on that soon.) I would love any opinions, insights, or incantations.

What you’re seeing here is 20 iterations in. That said, it’s still not my final draft. Feel free to be brutally honest.

Broken Glass book cover - draft 20

Just leave your thoughts in the comments, below.

And by the way—I know I’ve promised you a bunch of exercises and lessons on metaphors. Those are coming! I’ve actually written about 7 pages, and I’m currently in the process of trimming them down for your viewing pleasure.

Write on,