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Live Giant Fish Tanks!

Is it alive?  We just don’t know!

Ah, misplaced modifiers, how we love thee; you’re always good for a laugh.

Here are a couple examples of some pretty funny misplaced adjectives.

“While visiting, you will see exhibits of aviaries, live giant fish tanks, and plenty more.”  Live giant fish tanks, eh?  I do hope you mean that the tanks are alive and giant, because that sounds fantastic. Or maybe you should have just said “giant fish tanks full of live fish” (or fish tanks full of live, giant fish? or live tanks full of giant fish? or whatever it was you meant here).

Another fun one was from a vacation advertisement.  ”You can also come home and relax after a day of skiing in front of the fire.”  I don’t know what sort of location this was at, but fire skiing sounds pretty fun to me!